How I Can Love Android Development

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Before Entering College

This story begins before entering college. I remember well at that time I was waiting to enter college. Luckily, I already knew the major I was going to enter. Namely Computer Science. So I decided to learn a programming language. The first language I chose was Python. The reason for choosing this language is because this language is very easy to understand and at that time the need for data science was quite large. So, I decided to steal the start first.

After a few weeks, I was finally able to learn this. I am able to create a variable, perform an algorithmic or logical operation, call a function and much more. Long story short, my knowledge is quite capable, I decided to increase my level. I decided to learn directly from data science. I remember very well at that time I used the Jupyter Notebook. I tried to get into it and finally after 1 week of studying, I decided to change the language. The reason at that time was because it was difficult, we had to read a lot of data and the screen was boxy. It’s different from the programming world that I know. The code editor can be colorful.

Preview of Jupyter Notebook

Change to Website Development

After that I decided to learn HTML, JS, and CSS. The point is a stack related to the creation of a website. At first I was quite happy because the code editor can be colorful. Exactly the same as what I often see when people are coding. Long story short, when I was able to create a website, the interest again disappeared. Don’t know why I’m so dizzy seeing so many tags on an HTML screen. Finally I again decided to move to another technology.

Apps on My Smartphone

Until one day I looked at my smartphone and I found out. On my smartphone there are many applications that can help my life and keep me entertained. At that time my smartphone had Android OS. Since then I have explored the world of Android. I found out what language it was in and it turned out to be Java. But at that time, Google had released a new language that could support Android with much less complexity. That is Kotlin.

Since then I have studied kotlin. I’m figuring out where I can learn this on a self-taught. Finally I headed to .

Here I can learn android kotlin with so many tutorials. All explained with clear steps. I often encounter errors, but because I like it, I’m still exploring this. I don’t know why, I like Interaction in a mobile development. How a button is pressed popup appears, then how they retrieve data from a server, and many others.

This is my initial result of studying the world of android development.

Preview of Forecast App

The interface is still very simple, this is an application to see the weather based on the location where you are now. Later the wallpaper can change dynamically according to your current weather. If it rains, the wallpaper will rain and so on.

After studying a lot, I finally started to understand some architecture. Like MVVM and so on. Finally I decided to dare to make an application and I put it on the Playstore. This application is called Quran Story.

Quran Story
Preview of Quran Story

An application that is used to make it easier to make the Story of the Quran. This application is actually inspired by my friend who is very difficult to make a Story of the Quran.

Finally I decided to make an application whose concept is actually very simple. That is taking the Quran API, then displayed on a layout. In this layout later you can enlarge, reduce the writing and can change the background wallpaper. After that, the image is saved and you can share it.

Now the application is already in the Playstore and you can download it if you want to try it.

That’s probably my story. Hopefully useful for all of you. When I’m writing this, I’m still in semester 5. Hopefully in the next few years I can work in a company as an android developer which later, the applications I make can help a lot of people :)

Thank you and You can see my another project in this link :)



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